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Everpure Water Filters & Filtration Systems

Get bottle water quality water at home or at your business without the waste or cost with EverPure water filters from Pentair.

Whether it’s for your business or home, EverPure (by Pentair) offers a wide assortment of water filtration products and water filter cartridges to meet all of your water filtration needs, and keep your family and employees healthy, from commercial water filter systems to whole house water filter cartridges. Each EverPure water filter and filtration system is designed using their patented Micro-Pure technology, and with more than 6X the surface area of traditional carbon filters (that’s like packing nearly six filters into one canister), EverPure water filters are simply the best at removing contaminants from your drinking water.

When you purchase an Everpure filter, you can rest assured that there is no other filter in the industry that can remove impurities and other substances in drinking water like your EverPure water filter.

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  • Brita Orange Filtered Water Bottle

    Brita Orange Filtered Water Bottle

    $12.99 Retail Price:  $29.89
  • APRC1-P Aquapatrol Ice Machine Replacement Water Filter

    APRC1-P AquaPatrol Ice Machine Replacement Water Filter

    $61.99 Retail Price:  $94.99
  • ZR-001-B ZeroWater 5-Stage Dual Ion Exchange Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • Tier1 D50S.611010 10x10x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611014 10x14x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611016 10x16x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611018 10x18x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611020 10x20x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611024 10x24x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611212 12x12x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611216 12x16x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611218 12x18x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611220 12x20x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611224 12x24x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611230 12x30x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611236 12x36x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.6112D15 12-1/8 x 15 x 1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.6112H24H 12-1/2 x 24-1/2 x 1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611321H 13 x 21-1/2 x 1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611414 14x14x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611416 14x16x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611418 14x18x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611420 14x20x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611422 14x22x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611424 14x24x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611425 14x25x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611430 14x30x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611436 14x36x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611520 15x20x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611525 15x25x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611530 15x30x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611536 15x36x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611616 16x16x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611618 16x18x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611620 16x20x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611621 16x21x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611622 16x22x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611624 16x24x1 Air Filter (6-pack)
  • Tier1 D50S.611625 16x25x1 Air Filter (6-pack)

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