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Water Filtration Systems & Filters

Discount Filter Store carries a wide variety of water filters and filtration systems to make sure that you have clean water everywhere you need it. We offer camping water filters, RV filters, water bottles for travelers on the go. Purify your office or home’s drinking water with countertop filter systems, commercial grade filters, and whole house filter systems. Our filters are protected by our 100% Price Match Guarantee. We are happy to offer you the lowest possible price on our filters, matching any lower price listed by competitors.

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  • W9125010 Doulton Specialty Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • W9222909 Doulton Imperial SuperCarb OBE Replacement Element
  • DOULTON-W9123053


    $52.99 Retail Price:  $59.25
  • DOULTON-W9121200


    $34.99 Retail Price:  $39.97
  • W9121214 Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl Replacement Element

    W9121214 Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter

    $37.94 Retail Price:  $47.91
  • DOULTON-W9121715


    $36.99 Retail Price:  $41.41
  • W9123019 Doulton UltraCarb SI Replacement Element

    W9123019 Doulton UltraCarb SI Ceramic Filter Candle

    $55.81 Retail Price:  $66.48
  • W9125030 Doulton Specialty Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • DOULTON-W9142010


    $15.99 Retail Price:  $18.39
  • W9330962 Doulton Sterasyl Undersink Ceramic Candle Filter System
  • DOULTON-W9331032


    $135.99 Retail Price:  $158.65
  • W9361122 Doulton Countertop Filter System

    W9361122 Doulton SS2 Countertop Filter System

    $199.97 Retail Price:  $232.27
  • W9377001 Doulton Gravity Filter System
  • DOULTON-W9381000


    $140.99 Retail Price:  $158.36
  • W9381100 Doulton Whole House Filter System
  • W9381101 Doulton Whole House Filter System
  • DOULTON-W9381105


    $254.99 Retail Price:  $286.06
  • DOULTON-W9222910


    $43.85 Retail Price:  $52.73
  • DOULTON-W9220402


    $30.99 Retail Price:  $34.55
  • DOULTON-W9223022


    $72.99 Retail Price:  $82.65
  • DOULTON-W9123085


    $65.99 Retail Price:  $109.65
  • W9222901 Doulton Replacement Ceramic Filter
  • W9330958 Doulton SuperCarb Undersink Ceramic Candle Filter System
  • DOULTON-W9121302


    $52.99 Retail Price:  $59.70
  • DOULTON-W9331031


    $147.05 Retail Price:  $174.79
  • W9121202 Doulton AquaCera Supersterasyl Undersink Ceramic Candle Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • DOULTON-W9331208


    $253.94 Retail Price:  $294.33
  • DOULTON-W9223021


  • DOULTON-W9330059


  • W9361230 Doulton Gravity Water Filter

    W9361230 Doulton HCA Gravity Water Filter

    $58.05 Retail Price:  $136.00

39 Item(s)

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