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Water Filter Wrenches

It’s important to change out your water filter regularly, whether it’s in your refrigerator, faucet or under the sink, to keep your water clean and your water filter operating at maximum efficiency.  If you own a water filter system, you know how hard it is to unscrew your water filter housing with an ordinary wrench, the unique fittings and sizes of the bolts make it extremely difficult to grasp with a traditional wrench.  A water filter wrench is specially designed to fit around your water filter housing and can loosen even the most jammed water filter housings with a simple twist.

At Discount Filter Store, we take all of the guesswork out of finding the right water filter wrenches, with our huge selection of filter wrenches designed to fit a variety of water filter brand housings.  Not sure which water filter wrench will fit your filter housing, give us a call 1-800-277-3458 and one of our customer service experts will help you find the right one.

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  • 218710300 Frigidaire PureSource / PureSourcePlus Refrigerator Filter Wrench
  • wx5x3002


    $10.99 Retail Price:  $12.52
  • HYDROTECH-21401003


    $4.99 Retail Price:  $6.31
  • OW1 OmniFilter Filter Wrench
  • OW2 OmniFilter Filter Wrench
  • OW30


    $3.99 Retail Price:  $6.89
  • OW40


    $5.39 Retail Price:  $7.92
  • OW50


    $7.99 Retail Price:  $8.15
  • OW6 OmniFilter Filter Wrench
  • BW-BC Pentek Filter Wrench

    BW-BC Pentek Filter Wrench

    $6.19 Retail Price:  $9.42
  • WC792P OmniFilter Filter Wrench
  • W2313080 Doulton Countertop and Undersink System Housing Wrench


  • WATTS-WR100


  • wx5x140


    $14.99 Retail Price:  $17.24
  • SUPERB-SW-5-SS-17


    $22.99 Retail Price:  $28.74
  • SUPERB-SW-4-SS-8


    $22.99 Retail Price:  $28.74
  • 3M Aqua-Pure 68434-32C Undersink Filter Wrench

    68434-32C 3M Aqua-Pure Undersink Filter Wrench

    $9.99 Retail Price:  $12.41
  • 3M Aqua-Pure 68900-33 Whole House Filter Wrench

    68900-33 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Filter Wrench

    $8.99 Retail Price:  $12.98
  • 3M Aqua-Pure 68900-34 Adjustable Filter Wrench

    68900-34 3M Aqua-Pure Adjustable Filter Wrench

    $10.99 Retail Price:  $15.86


    $5.99 Retail Price:  $10.34


    $6.99 Retail Price:  $10.34


    $7.99 Retail Price:  $12.52
  • SW-5 Culligan Undersink Filter Wrench

    SW-5 Culligan Undersink Water Filter Wrench

    $10.99 Retail Price:  $13.34
  • UWRENCH-01 Filtrete Universal Strap Wrench
  • SW-1A Pentek Filter Wrench

    SW-1A Pentek Water Filter Housing Wrench

    $5.09 Retail Price:  $8.15
  • SW-4 Pentek Filter Wrench

    SW-4 Pentek Water Filter Housing Wrench

    $5.09 Retail Price:  $8.15
  • SW-1-SS-18 Superb Slim Line Filter Housing Wrench - Stainless Steel
  • SUPERB-SW-2-SS-1


    $22.99 Retail Price:  $28.74
  • SUPERB-SW-3-SS-5


    $22.99 Retail Price:  $28.74
  • HYDROLOGIC-24017


    $7.99 Retail Price:  $11.99

31 Item(s)

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