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2403 Pro Products Water Hardness Field Test Kit

Price $47.99 List Price Price $68.99 Save 30%
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Trusted by service professionals nationwide
  • Ships fast!
  • Tests quickly and accurately for water hardness
  • Helps both service professionals and homeowners
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The 2403 Pro Products water hardness field test kits are designed to help ensure field service professionals get a quick and accurate reading on your water. Available here at an affordable price, this kit makes it easy for you to take a professional water reading in your home. Compactly packaged in a small, sturdy plastic case for added protection. Order the 2403 Pro Products water hardness field test kit, a genuine OE part, today!

Product measures hardness in grains per gallon (GPG)
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsPro Products
Manufacturer's Id2403

Reduced Contaminants

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