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Indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors. From pollen and pet dander to tobacco smoke and mold spores, our homes are filled with air pollutants that can have a negative affect on our health and wellbeing. Don't let allergens and other pollutants contaminate your home's air. Install a pollutant-reducing air filter and then breathe easy knowing your air is clean and healthy.
Shop by Size or Brand to find the filter thats perfect for your home.

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Shop by Size

Shop Air Filters by Size

Air Filters are an integral part of keeping your home clean and fresh. Finding the air filter that is right for you doesnt have to be complicated. Search by size to make sure you find the filter you need for your home.

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Shop Air Filters by Brand

DiscountFilterStore offers a wide range of air filters comparable with many OEM brands. Our assortment contains a veriety of sizes with various MERV ratings. These high quality, yet affordable options, are sure to meet your home air filtration needs. Try searching by brand and see what Tier1 can offer!

Breathe easy with filtered indoor air. Indoor air quality can play a major role in the health and wellness of your family. Indoor air polluted with dust, pet dander, second-hand smoke, or smog is responsible for a myriad of health issues from mild headaches and nausea to chronic asthma and even lung cancer. Fortunately, the air filter used in your heating and cooling system can make a big difference in keeping symptoms to a minimum so you and your family can be healthy and well.

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