265072 American Hydro Systems ‘The Works’ Replacement Parts Kit For Siphoning Feeder

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Fits American Hydro Systems Siphoning Feeder Systems
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The Works replacement parts kit for the American Hydro Systems siphoning feeder (#265072) includes all interior and exterior parts you will need in the event that a system overhaul is needed. With this kit, a genuine OE product from the manufacturer, you will easily reduce any downtime and maintenance costs should you experience a system emergency. Order The Works, a replacement parts kit for the American Hydro Systems siphoning feeder, online from us today.
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Used In Brands American Hydro Systems
Manufacturer's Id 265072
UPC 799705694361
Includes Foot valve sleeve, Foot valve, 6-foot long 3/8-inch (inside diameter) tubing, 1/4-inch Metering jet, 1/4-inch Nylon fitting, 1/4-inch 90 degree PVC elbow, Replacement top, 1/4-inch Check valve, 6-inch long 3/8-inch (inside diameter) tubing, In-line filter


  1. Unscrew the drain plug from the bottom portion of your well pump head
  2. Screw the grey check valve into the drain plug hole (Note: Before installing check valve, ensure that the threads of the plug are the same size as the check valve)
  3. Add some plumbers tape to the check valve thread to ensure a proper seal
  4. Attach the free end of the 6-inch of clear vinyl tubing to the barbed end of the threaded nylon fitting on the side of the tank and attach the free end of the 6-foot of tubing to the barbed end of the check valve
  5. Fill the tank half full of water (Note: It is preferable to use municipal or soft water when available)
  6. Turn on the sprinkler pump, watch the clear vinyl tubing and the clear housing of the in-line filter (Note: Water should appear in about 30 seconds to a minute as a thin continuous stream from the metering jet that is attached to the in-line filter)
  7. If it does, great, your system is ready to run, If it does not, the foot valve in the tank is likely not operating correctly (shut off the pump)
  8. Shake the foot valve vigorously, whacking it against the side of the tank (Note: This will purge trapped air from the foot valve and free up the float ball that is enclosed in the foot valve housing)
  9. Add chemical according to dosage recommendations in the owners manual and fill the tank up to the 30 gallon mark (Note: Make sure that you have your well water tested to ensure you have the correct Rid O-Rust Formula for your type of water)
  10. When the tank is filled up add 2 cups of household bleach to prevent algae growth in the tank

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