Aquamira Water Treatment & Purification Products

When you’re out camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, etc. it’s imperative to have the right equipment, one of the most important pieces of which is your camping water filter, water filter bottle or Aquamira water treatment drops. Aquamira water treatment drops and backpacking water filters are two of the most effective water treatment solutions on the market today. The backpacking water filters and water filter bottles are ideal for use during long trips where carrying large amounts of water isn’t feasible. However, if you’re camping with your family or a large group of people Aquamira water treatment drops are your answer, as it’s ideal for treating/purifying large batches of drinking.

Choose from our dozens of Aquamira backpacking water filters and water treatment drops below or check out our extensive selection of other backpacking water filters, water filter bottles from outdoor industry leaders such as Katadyn and Seychelle.

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