Brita Water Filters & Pitchers

Brita has more features to bring you water that is better tasting and better for you. A Brita filter eliminates the unwanted taste and odor of chlorine to deliver the best tasting water possible. Through its advanced tested filtration process, it reduces and eliminates impurities like copper, cadmium and mercury, which can be harmful to your health.

Exposure to harmful impurities like chlorine, cadmium, mercury, copper and zinc can cause a variety of health problems including kidney and liver damage. Discount Filter Store offers both Brita Refrigerator Water Filters and Brita Water Filters and Pitchers to suit your needs. Every Brita refrigerator water filter is manufactured using an advanced filter technology and BPA free materials. With clean, pure and great tasting water, you can remove toxins from your diet to boost alertness, jumpstart your metabolism, aid in digestion and energize your muscles.

When you drink filtered water, you reduce the amount of plastic bottles that end up in our landfills. According to Brita, 1 Brita water filter used is up to 300 plastic bottles saved. Over 400 billion bottles have been saved so far. If you need help in your selection, browse our list of brands including Pur, Sub-Zero and GE.

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