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PREMIUM Tier1 Water Testing and Analysis Service for CITY water


Quick Overview

This premium mail-in service option for city water will test for:

1. Chlorine
2. Hardness
3. Copper
4. Lead
5. Nitrates
6. Nitrites
7. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
The PREMIUM Tier1 Water Test and Analysis Service for city water is our Recommended Service option for city water. This service informs you about levels of typical contaminants found in city water and if they are outside of EPA recommended norms followed by personalized filtration solution best suited to your environment!

PREMIUM Tier1 Water Testing and Analysis Service for CITY water

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The service includes mailing of a test sample tube & a prepaid return envelope to mail back the test sample. Please mail us back the test sample using the prepaid return envelope. Results and your personalized water treatment solutions will be communicated to you via email in approximately 7 days after we receive your test sample. Our team of water experts will guide you every step of the way!

FAQ - Tier1 City water testing and analysis service

Did you know?

  • Typical issues with hard water are dry skin and hair; a short life expectancy of appliances using water; and high energy costs for heating water.
  • Nitrates above permissible levels (as specified by EPA) are extremely harmful to infants below six months. (source EPA :
  • Today's science reveals that Chlorine reacts with organic matter and pollutants to form carcinogens harmful to human body.
  • Lead in drinking water can cause a variety of adverse health effects with more severe affects coming from long term exposure.


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