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32 X 7 Clorox Pleated Replacement for Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 520, Unicel C-7472, Pleatco PCC130, Filbur FC-1978

Price $69.99 List Price Price $99.99 Save 30%
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
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  • 2filters$67.89each
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  • Made in the USA with global components.
  • Pleated filter design with horizontal banding.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Compatible replacement for Unicel C-7472, Pleatco PCC130, and Filbur FC-1978
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The CLX-1978-PL Replacement Pool and Spa Filter fits the Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 520 filter housing. CloroxTM Pool & Spa Silver Edition Advanced Pool Filters are manufactured to extend the life of your filter and provide excellent pool filtration. Made in the USA with the highest quality global components this filter will efficiently capture dust, hair, soil and leaves. Easy to clean with a just water hose, take the work out of having fun with pool and spa filters from a brand you trust.
Take the work out of having fun

CLX-0800-PL replacement specs

Silver Edition Advanced Pool Filtration
More Information
Package Qty 1
Replaces Filbur FC-1978
Replaces Pleatco PCC130
Replaces Unicel C-7472
Bottom Hole Size 3 inches
Filter Bottom Type Open Hole
Filter Top Type Open Hole
Manufacturer's Id CLX-1978-S
UPC 850018155731
Media Square Feet 125 sq. ft.
Actual Size (in) 32 inches (length) x 7 inches (outside diameter)
Outside Diameter (inches) 7"
Primary Filter Media Pleated Fabric
Filter Life (months) Filter's should be replaced based on usage and filter condition. Filter life is an estimation of expected performance based on typical filtration conditions.x Filter's should be replaced based on usage and filter condition. Filter life is an estimation of expected performance based on typical filtration conditions.x 12 months
Country of Manufacture United States

The CLX-1978-PL is comparable with the following part numbers

C-7472, PCC130, FC-1978

The CLX-1978-PL fits the following model numbers

Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 520


  1. When the pressure drop through your filter reaches 8-10 psi, or you notice a decrease in the pressure coming from your return jets it is time to clean or replace your filter cartridge.
  2. Turn the power off to your pump and release the excess pressure in the system with the pressure release valve on the filter canister.
  3. Remove the cartridge from the filter canister and dislodge any loose debris by directing a stream of water from a garden hose between each pleat.
  4. NEVER use high-pressure water when cleaning your filter cartridge as you can damage the filter media and pleats.
  5. If stains persist, apply a spray on filter cleaner, or soak the filter cartridge overnight in a TSP (trisodium phosphate) solution.
  6. Rinse the filter cartridge thoroughly with clean fresh water and return it to the filter canister.
  7. Restart your filtration system per manufacturer's instructions, and monitor your pump pressure weekly.