21401003 Hydrotech Filter Housing Wrench

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Fits all Hydrotech 101 Series, 123 Series, HT Series, HTF Series, HT-HTF Series Reverse Osmosis and Aquafier Filter Systems
  • Makes filter change outs fast and easy
  • Perfect for loosening a stuck filter housing
  • Housing wrenches should only be used to loosen the sump, do not tighten the housing sumps using the wrench
  • Specifically designed for use with Hydrotech filter systems
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The Hydrotech 21401003 Filter Wrench is the perfect tool to help loosen a stuck filter housing and makes changing the filter quick and easy. You should only use the filter wrench to loosen the sump; over tightening the housing sump can damage the O-Rings and make opening the housing more difficult to open later.
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Used In Brands Arrowhead Puritap, Fillmaster, Hydrotech, Nutripure, Sierra Springs, US Pure Water
Manufacturer's Id 21401003
UPC 799705708952
Actual Size (in) 6 1/2 inches (Length) x 2 3/4 inches (Outside Diameter) x 1 inch (Depth)
Color Black

Reduced Contaminants

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