Katadyn Water Filters and Bottles

Turn ordinary water into clean, fresh-tasting drinking water with Katadyn’s mybottle and water filters.

As an outdoor enthusiast, international traveler, relief group member, or preparedness-minded individual water filters are an important part of your gear/equipment. Whether you’re camping, sailing, fishing, backpacking, hiking, biking, or paddling, Katadyn has a water filter system designed specifically for you; from personal water filter bottles to backpacking water filters, camping water filters and everything in between.

Choose from three of Katadyn’s product series: Backcountry Series, Ultralight Series, or Household water filters. Katadyn’s backcountry water filters are ideal for camping, backpacking, and trekking; they are lightweight and compact, perfect for all-around use. Katadyn’s Ultralight water filters are the lightest water filters and water filter bottles available on the market; they are designed for personal use and perfect for weekend trips/excursions. Whatever your camping, outdoor, traveling, or household water filter need is, Katadyn has a water filter perfectly suited for you. Just see for yourself.

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