Kohler Undersink Water Filters

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Nearly 2 billion people are affected by unclean drinking water every year, but it doesn't have to be this way. Kohler’s undersink water filters are perfect for keeping a tidy and organized kitchen. All you need is a faucet to access filtered water. Water supplied to your tapes may contain a wide variety of harmful contaminants that can prove harmful to your health. Even if you use your tap water for cooking and not drinking, it’s still less healthy for you and your family to consumed water that may be contaminated.

Kohler’s undersink filters help extract bacteria, viruses and other potentially harmful particles. Filters must be changed regularly and, for best results, you should install a separate tap just for drinking purposes.

Discount Filter Store offers a few Water Filter Cartridge replacements from Kohler, including the K-201 Kohler Undersink Water Filter Cartridge Replacement and the K-202 Undersink Water Filter Cartridge. Discount Filter Store also carries water filtration products from brands like Lanosoft, LG and Microline.

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