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Lanosoft Tub & Tile Cleaner (#LSTT06)

Price $10.09 List Price Price $15.99 Save 36%
Availability: Discontinued
Safe for use on any tile surface
  • Ships fast!
  • Safe for use on any tile surface
  • Keeps tile in any room of your house looking newer for longer
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Formulated to remove lime, rust and calcium stains, Lanosoft Tub & Tile Cleaner (#LSTT06) is a fast-acting solution that is safe for use on any tile surface in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else throughout your home. Using natural ingredients that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, this cleaner will break down even the most stubborn stains, helping your tile surfaces look newer for longer. Ideal for soft water environments. Protect the tile surfaces throughout your home, while protecting the environment, by ordering Lanosoft Tub & Tile Cleaner from us today. Order online today!
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsLanoSoft
Manufacturer's IdLSTT06
MSDS DocumentLanosoft Lstt06 MSDS
Country of ManufactureUnited States

Reduced Contaminants