Lifesaver Water Filters & Bottles

Fresh clean filtered water is as easy as FILL, PUMP, & DRINK! No matter where you are LIFESAVER® bottles and systems are ideal for filtering out odors and impurities from your drinking water.

LIFESAVER® bottles and filters use a patented ultra-filtration technology designed to filter out 99.999% of waterborne pathogens including bacteria, cysts, parasites, and viruses. From military personnel to humanitarian efforts to outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, LIFESAVER bottles and filters are used by people from every walk of life.

The LIFESAVER® technology enables dirty, diseased water to be filtered and made sterile with just three simple steps, fill, pump & drink, so no matter where you are you can have fresh bottled quality water. Browse our huge selection of LIFESAVER® Bottles, Parts, and replacement filters; or view all of our water filter bottles from hundreds of the industry’s top brands (LIFESAVER) including, Brita, Katadyn, Seychelle, and more.

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