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Q5533 Omnipure Undersink Replacement Water Filter

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  • Easy installation with a threaded screw-in head valve
  • Can be used in numerous water systems
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The Omnipure Q5533 is a 5 micron, granular activated carbon filter that reduces taste, odor and chlorine taste and odor. It has a threaded head valve that allows for easy installation. This filter can be used in numerous systems including beverage equipment, drinking fountains, under-sink systems, and reverse-osmosis systems.
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MediaAcid Washed Granular Activated Carbon
Primary Filter MediaGranular Activated Carbon
Filter Life (gallons)2,000
Filter Life (liters)7,570.82
Filter Life (months)12 months
Micron Rating (Nominal)5
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 160
Flow Rate (gpm)0.5
Flow Rate (lpm)1.89

Reduced Contaminants

The OMNIPURE-Q5533 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor


  1. Omnipure Q5533 water filters should be installed on cold water lines only
  2. Omnipure Q5533 water filters should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe
  3. Each time you change your filter, clean and apply silicone food grade lubricant (such as OR-LUBRICANT-LG or OR-LUBRICANT-SM) generously to both the small and large o-ring in the Q-Series Head
  4. It is recommended that you replace the Omnipure H-118 O-Ring every time you change your filter
  5. The H-118 O-Ring is the larger of the two o-rings in the Q-Series Head System
  6. If you do not replace the H-118 O-Ring, you may experience leaking because the o-ring adjusts to the shape of the old filter, which may be slightly different than the new filter
  7. The Omnipure H-011 O-Ring is the smaller o-ring in the Q-Series Head

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