ERP-1000 Aquatec Permeate Pump

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  • Great for low pressure applications, as low as 30 PSI
  • Decreases tank "fill time" as much as 65%
  • Reduces drain wastewater as much as 80%
  • Improves membrane life and prevents "TDS creep"
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The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump is a non-electrical device that uses only the hydraulic energy of the 'brine water' (normally lost down the drain) to push additional purified water ('permeate') into your pressure tank. This is a great eco-friendly add-on. Increase your RO efficiency as much as 400 percent!
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Used In Brands Aquatec
Manufacturer's Id ERP-1000
UPC 799705695375
Operating Temperature (°F) 32 - 140
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 - 60
Fitting Size (inches) 1/4 inch
Warranty Guarantee 2 year warranty

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  1. The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump requires horizontal mounting with both outlet ports in the highest position to allow any trapped air to be purged automatically
  2. The Aquatec ERP-1000 permeate pump can be added to any standard Reverse Osmosis System
  3. The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump is not compatible with manifold systems

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