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Pioneer Whole House Lead Reduction Filter

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Fits the Pioneer PF40 whole house filter cartridge housing.
  • Provides significant lead and cyst reduction
  • Supports a flow rate of up to 8 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Replacement cartridge for the Pioneer whole house system
  • Produces filtered water available from every tap throughout your home
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  • Provides significant lead and cyst reduction
  • Supports a flow rate of up to 8 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Replacement cartridge for the Pioneer whole house system
  • Produces filtered water available from every tap throughout your home
The Pioneer whole house lead reduction filter is a replacement cartridge for your Pioneer tank system which provides filtered water throughout your home. This filter significantly reduces lead, cysts, and more and is certified to NSF/ANSI standard 53 for substance reduction. Using activated carbon block filtering media this filter reduces contaminants down to .5 microns in size and features a long filter life of over 88,000 gallons of water. Capable of supporting a flow rate of up to 8 gallons per minute you can ensure that all the faucets in your home are dispensing clean filtered water. The Pioneer filter additionally reduces Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), which are bio-permanent chemicals that do not break down naturally. Exposure to these chemicals is suggested to lead to cancer. Don't let lead, cysts, and unpleasant chlorine taste and odor plague your water, order your replacement Pioneer whole house filter and enjoy better water.

IAPMO Research and Testing Documentation:

High-Quality Filtration

This filter is designed to reduce a wide array of contaminants that commonly appear in your drinking water. Included on this list are big players like lead and chlorine. Lead is an increasing concern as aging infrastructure and plumbing continue to erode and leach material into the water on its way to your home. Chlorine is a commonly used water disinfectant that, while effective at its purpose, can cause unpleasant tastes and odors in your water. Removing these contaminants while providing a filtration down to 0.5 microns means you will be providing cleaner, great-tasting water throughout your home.

Carbon Media Filter: The Pioneer filter cartridge reduces chloramines, chlorine taste and odor, cysts, giardia, lead, and more! This filter ensures your water is clean and contains much fewer unwanted contaminants

Great-Tasting Water: You will notice cleaner, fresher tasting water throughout your whole home. This filter ensures your water is the quality you want.

0.5 Micron Rating: This Pioneer filter is manufactured to reduce contaminants down to 0.5 microns, ensuring impurities never reach your glass.



Easy Filter Replacement

Pioneer uses state-of-the-art snap-ring technology to eliminate the need for cumbersome tools. Homeowners can easily replace the filter in their Pioneer system by following a few simple steps. Press the red pressure relief valve and pull up the snap ring. Lift top cap.

The Pioneer filter is a unique replacement filter cartridge for the Pioneer system housing. This whole house filter can be easily exchanged with the existing filter and does not require any additional tools for replacement. Simple step by step instructions can be found in the attached user manual in the details section above or from the instructions section. Please read through the steps for proper installation and run water through the system before use to remove any loose carbon fines. Enjoy the hassle-free installation and great tasting filtered water.

NOTE: It is advised to leave at least three feet of open space above the system for the replacement cartridge

Simple Installation

Full installation steps can be found under the instructions tab within the provided link to the installation manual. System should be installed along the main water line and after the water meter or pressure tank depending on if you are on municipal or well water.

Package Qty1
Used In BrandsPioneer
Actual Size (in)40 inches (Length) x 8 inches (Width)
MediaActivated Carbon
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons)88,000
Filter Life (liters)333116.24
Micron Rating (Nominal)0.5
Operating Pressure (psi)20 - 125
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)125
Operating Temperature (°F)34 - 120
Operating Temperature (°C)1 - 50
Maximum Temperature (°F)120
Flow Rate (gpm)8
Flow Rate (lpm)30.2833
CertificationsNSF/ANSI Standard 53
IncludesOne Pioneer Whole House Lead Reduction Filter
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon Block

Reduced Contaminants

The PIONEER-FILTER reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chloramines
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Cysts
  • Giardia
  • Lead

The PIONEER-FILTER is comparable with the following part numbers


User Guide


    Turn off the water supply to the system by shutting off the inlet and outlet valves on the bypass.
  2. Remove Umbrella Cap on the top of the vessel. Replace the 3-AAA batteries with new batteries. Push and hold the reset button on the metered board for 3 seconds to reset the totalizer. When the totalizer is reset the LED lights will flash green 3 times to confirm that it is reset.
  3. Depressurize the system by pushing down on the red depressurization button on the top cap of the system. Keep the button pushed down until all the air or water pressure is completely released.
  4. Push down the top cap with both hands to unseat the retaining ring. Remove the retaining ring by carefully grasping the handle and pulling inward, then upward. The retaining ring should slide completely out of the groove.
  5. Remove the top cap of the system by lifting up on the top handles, remove old filter. Open the John Guest® fitting and shut-off , and flush out the bottom of the system. Look down into the tank assembly, and you should see a small opening centered in the bottom of the tank. Remove packaging from the new filter, place the new cartridge into the tank with the double o-ring facing down.
  6. Position the cartridge so that it is aligned with the bottom, center opening. Press down on the cartridge so that the double o-ring seal moves into place within the bottom,center opening. Reposition the Top Cap into its original location.
  7. Reattach the top tank Snap Ring, pull up on the Top Cap to seat o-rings. Turn the water supply on, opening the inlet and outlet valves on the bypass.
  8. Relieve the system of air in the tank as the system fills with water, by pushing down on the red depressurization button on the top cap of the system. Keep the button pushed down until all the air pressure is completely released, and water comes out of the red depressurization button. Release the red depressurization button.
  9. Replace the Umbrella cap to the top of the system. Check for leaks.
  10. Flush the new cartridge per its installation instructions. During flush, confirm green LED lights are flashing with flowing water. If lights are not flashing green, go back to step 2.