Water Pitcher & Dispenser Filter Replacements

These are what make the magic happen in the water filter pitchers. Between the average cost of a water filter pitcher and replacement filters, the average household spends $80 over the course of 1 year for clean filtered water. How much bottled water could you buy with $80?… in single servings that’s about 11 gallons, not much.

The gravity fed water pitcher filters not only provide you and your family with fresh filtered water, they can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. Below you’ll find over 30+ different water pitcher filters and sets from some of the industry’s top water filter pitcher brands including, ZeroWater, PUR, Brita, Culligan, and more. No matter what your pitcher filter needs are you can trust that Discount Filter Store will have it, and at prices cheaper than the big box stores, that’s our No Worries Price Match Guarantee.

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