Pool & Spa Filters by Media

Pool and spa filters are available in a wide selection of sizes but they are also available in different media options as well! Discountfilterstore is proud to offer both pleated filters and meltblown polypropylene filters. Both are effective options for keeping your water clean but there are differences between the two. Learn more about filter maintenance, life, disposal, capacity, and cost by visiting our guide: What is the Difference Between Pleated and Meltblown Pool Filters?. If you are ready to shop, some comparison notes can also be found below.

Pleated Polyester Filters:

Pleated filters offer great surface area coverage due to the their media design. These filters typically have sturdy cores and/or horizontal banding that help keep the structure of the filter in shape even when soaked. Pleated filters perform well for capturing dirt and debris and can be gently rinsed to help extend the filter life. They are a very reliable and commonly used solution for most pools and spas.

Meltblown Polypropylene Filters:

Meltblown filters offer finer filtration, down to 3 to 5 microns, compared to their pleated comparables. Because of their layered depth media, contaminants accumulate mostly on the exterior and have to work all the way through to the center allowing meltblown filters to offer a long filter life and quality filtration. This media design also means that the filter does not need to be rinsed down, saving you time and hassle cleaning your filter.

Which Media Should I Buy?


Media type

Pleated Polyester

Meltblown Polypropylene

Approximate Micron Rating Traditional pleated filters remove particles down to 10-15 microns Superior filtration down to 3-5 microns for cleaner, clearer water
Maintenance Recommended monthly washing or cleaning Does not require washing or cleaning
Enhanced Overall Circulation checkmark
Enhanced Chemical Distribution checkmark
Improved Suction/Surface Skimming Action checkmark
Reduces Dust checkmark checkmark
Reduces Hair checkmark checkmark
Reduces Soil checkmark checkmark
Reduces Leaves checkmark checkmark
Reduces dirt checkmark checkmark

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