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TRC-MM SteriPEN Portable UV System

Price $49.95 List Price Price $54.04 Save 7%
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
  • The most affordable UV water purification pen from SteriPEN
  • Designed to seal perfectly on commercial water bottles, letting you keep water in the original bottle for purification
  • UV lamp has a useful purifying capacity of 3,000 servings of treated water
  • Purifies 200 half-liter servings of water on just one set of AA lithium batteries--enough to see you comfortably through many long trips
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The SteriPEN Traveler will keep you safe on your next trip out of the country. Its UV light disrupts the DNA of microbes in seconds, so they cannot reproduce to make you sick. Bottled water in many countries can be risky, coming from unknown and unregulated sources. SteriPEN Traveler’s tapered end fits inside water bottles for added convenience and security, so you can use it on any source of fresh water in any country.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsSteriPEN
Manufacturer's IdTRC-MM
Actual Size (in)7 3/5 inches (length) x 1 1/2 inch (diameter)
Actual Size (cm)19.304 x 3.81
Filter Life (gallons)375
Filter Life (liters)1,419.53
IncludesSteriPEN Traveler Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer (TRC-MM) with Protective Cap, One carrying case
Additional Informationweight: 5.7 ounces with lithium batheries

Reduced Contaminants

The STERIPEN-TRC-MM reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bacteria 99.99%
  • Protozoa 99.99%
  • Viruses 99.99%

The STERIPEN-TRC-MM is comparable with the following part numbers