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This premium mail-in service option for well water will test for below typical well water contaminants and analyze if they are outside of EPA recommended norms. 1. Hardness 2. Copper 3. Lead 4. Nitrates 5. Nitrites 6. pH 7. Bacteria 8. Iron 9. Pesticide 10. Sulphides 11. TDS (total dissolved solids)

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  • The National Ground Water Association determines 44 percent of U.S. population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply (public source or private well). Ensuring clean water is perhaps the most important health upgrade you can make.
  • Did you know that concentrations of at least one chemical contaminant were greater than EPA recommended human-health benchmark in 23 percent of 1,389 domestic wells sampled in 45 states and 25 principal aquifers?
  • People living in agriculture areas where pesticides are most often used are at a higher risk as 95% of this population relies upon groundwater for drinking water.
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The service includes mailing of a test sample tube & a prepaid return envelope to mail back the test sample. Please mail us back the test sample using the prepaid return envelope. Results and your personalized water treatment solutions will be communicated to you via email in approximately 7 days after we receive your test sample. Our team of water experts will guide you every step of the way with personalized solutions best suited to your environment!

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