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PWF-ZR-1 Zerowater ZR-001 Comparable Pitcher Water Filter by Tier1

Price $21.99 List Price Price $30.99 Save 29%
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Fits the following systems: ZD-010RP, ZD-013D, ZD-013W, ZD-018, ZD-23-1, ZP-001, ZP-006, ZP-010, ZS-008, ZD-012RP
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  • 5 stages of filtration for ultra-pure water
  • Reduces total dissolved solids in you water
  • Provides great tasting water
  • Installs easily for simple filter changes
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The PWF-ZR-1 Zerowater ZR-001 Comparable by Tier1 provides high quality filtered water with little to no dissolved solids. This replacement filter is easy to install and simply slides into the dispenser top to replace the existing filter. Reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS) means that you will be drinking water with virtually no leftover particles of common contaminants such as dirt, sediment, and more that produce unpleasant taste and unwanted contamination. This filter features a five-stage system to produce better water.

Stage 1: filter netting removes sediment from water such as dust and rust.
Stage 2: activated carbon sponge provides high filtration capacity to absorb many contaminants.
Stage 3: silver-loaded activated carbon effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria
Stage 4: mixed bed ion exchange resin lowers TDS from water.
Stage 5: high mesh netting removes ultra-fine particles.

When water provided by this filter reads 006 total dissolved solids, it is recommended to replace the filter in order to continue producing optimally filtered water. Enjoy better water today with the PWF-ZR-1 Zerowater ZR-001 Comparable by Tier1.

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Package Qty1
Used In BrandsTier1
Actual Size (in)7 inches (Length) x 3-3/8 inches (Width)
Actual Size (cm)17.78 x 8.5725
MediaIon exchange resin, activated carbon, mesh netting
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon w Ion Exchange Resin
Filter Life (gallons)15
Filter Life (months)1 month
Warranty GuaranteeUnconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon w Ion Exchange Resin

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1-PWF-ZR-1 is comparable with the following part numbers

ZD-010RP ZD-013D
ZD-013W ZD-018
ZD-23-1 ZP-001
ZP-006 ZP-010
ZS-008 ZD-012RP


  1. Twist the new filter clockwise into the reservoir
  2. Ensure the filter is securely seated and that the o-ring remained in place throughout installation
  3. Fill the reservoir with water
  4. Pour out and dispose of two glasses of water to ensure that the filter is properly primed