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QL-200 Replacement Lamp and Quartz Sleeve for VH200

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  • UV lamp and Quartz sleeve combination is ideal for full system refurbish
  • Easy do it yourself replacement
  • Reduces health risks due to contaminants in water
  • Low maintenance UV system replacements
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This replacement set includes the replacement UV lamp and quartz sleeve for VH200. This pairing of necessary components is ideal for situations when an overhaul of your UV system is necessary. The quartz sleeve is an important part of the UV filter treatment process, it surrounds the UV light preventing it from coming in contact with the water. UV light is transmitted through the quartz sleeve and purifies the water. With time and use the sleeve will accumulate minerals from the water which must be cleaned to prevent the UV treatment from becoming less effective. Once the mineral layer becomes permanent and can not be removed the sleeve needs to be replaced. UV lamp should be replaced every twelve months to ensure highest quality and purity of water. No need to worry about your VH200 system with the QL-200 Replacement Lamp and Quartz Sleeve, order yours today!
Package Qty1
Manufacturer's IdQL-200
Actual Size (in)14-inches (length) x 2-inches (outside diameter)
Power Requirements35 Watts

Reduced Contaminants

The VIQUA-QL-200 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bacteria
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Cysts
  • E. Coli
  • Giardia
  • Microorganisms
  • Viruses

The VIQUA-QL-200 is comparable with the following part numbers

VH200, SC-200, SCM-200, SPV-200, SP200-HO, SPV-3.5 UV systems


  1. Close main water supply to the UV System, and then open a tap downstream of the UV System to release pressure.
  2. Disconnect main power source and allow the unit to cool for 10 minutes. Note: Ensure there is no other power source connected such as, Solenoid Junction Box.
  3. Remove the UV lamp connector and the UV lamp.
  4. (SEE STEP 7-9) Re-insert the new UV lamp inside the quartz sleeve. Attach the connector to the UV lamp and note that the connector will only allow correct installation in one position. Place and tighten the UV lamp connector.
  5. Plug the unit back to the power source. Reset the end of lamp timer alarm back to 365 days.
  6. Close the downstream tap once the UV chamber is filled with water, and inspect for any leakages.
  7. (Quartz Sleeve) Remove the top retaining nut and O-ring. Remove the bottom retaining nut, Spring and loosen the O-ring to drain the water. Remove the quartz sleeve from the UV chamber.
  8. Clean the quartz sleeve with a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar or some other mild acid and then rinse with water.
  9. Re-insert the quartz sleeve with O-ring(s), Spring, and retaining nut(s). Hand tighten the retaining nut(s), taking care not to over-tighten.

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