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Replacement Controller for Viqua VH200 and VH410

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  • Audible lamp failure alert
  • Lamp replacement reminder
  • Total running time display
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The Replacement Controller for Viqua VH200 and VH410 systems. The BA-ICE-CL controller is a multipurpose device that comes with the VH200 and VH410 systems. The device features a lamp life remaining counter that tracks the number of days of operation, this feature will count down to zero and produce an audible chirp intermittently that will alert the owner to change the UV lamp. The alert can be deferred up to 4 separate times. A more urgent alert will also be sound if their is a lamp failure, this alarm cannot be deferred and should be dealt with immediately. The final feature of the BA-ICE-CL controller is a total days of operation reading which will clock the total running time of the controller. This system acts as an alert and reminder for optimum operating conditions for the VH200 and VH410 system, do not disregard warning signals.
Package Qty1
Manufacturer's IdBA-ICE-CL
Actual Size (in)6-inches (length) x 3-inches (width) x 3-inches (height)
Power Requirements100-240V/50-60Hz

Reduced Contaminants

The VIQUA-BA-ICE-CL is comparable with the following part numbers

VH200, VH410, SC-200/320 UV systems


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