RF-9999-2NM PUR Faucet Mount Water Filter Replacement

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Fits most standard residential sinks
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  • Reduces lead, mercury, chlorine and up to 99% of trace pharmaceuticals
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Engineered with unique MineralClear technology, RF-9999-2NM PUR faucet mount water filter will help reduce lead, mercury, chlorine and up to 99% of trace pharmaceuticals for up to six full months. Just as important, this filter will ensure the water you pour from your tap tastes as clean and refreshing as possible! A genuine OE part, this filter installs within a matter of minutes and is ideal for homes with family members that may be more susceptible to water-based contaminants, including newborns. Order the RF-9999-2NM PUR faucet mount water filter from us today.
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Used In Brands PUR
Manufacturer's Id RF9999-2NM
UPC 723987199993
Media Carbon Filter
Filter Life (gallons) 200
Filter Life (liters) 757.08
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Color Blue
Warranty Guarantee 2 year limited warranty

The PUR-RF9999-2NM is comparable with the following part numbers

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The PUR-RF9999-2NM fits the following model numbers

FM-3000 FM-3333 FM-3333B FM-3333B-NM
FM-3333BNM FM-3350 FM-3400 FM-3400B
FM-3500 FM-3500B FM-3550 FM-3600
FM-3700 FM-3700B FM-3800 FM-4010-L
FM-4100 FM-4100B FM-4200-L FM-4300-L
FM-4400 FM-4500-L FM-4550-L FM-4600-B
FM-4700-L FM-4800-B FM-4900-L FM-5050B
FM-5050C FM-7300 FM-7400 FM-7500
FM-7600 FM-8100 FM-8200 FM-8300
FM-8400 FM-8500 FM-8700 FM-8800
FM-9000 FM-9100 FM-9300 FM-9400
FM-9400B FM-9500 FM-9600 FM-9600B
FM-9700 FM-9800 FM-9900


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