A04-1725-051 Skuttle Comparable Humidifier Evaporator Pad by Tier1

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Fits Skuttle model humidifiers 2001, 2002, 2101, and 2102
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  • Helps to protect wood work and walls from cracking or warping
  • Eases dry, itchy skin as well as allergy symptoms
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The A04-1725-051 Skuttle Comparable Humidifier Evaporator Pad by Tier1 effectively maintains humidity levels in your home. Low humidity affects your house by potentially warping wood flooring and walls as well as creating an uncomfortable environment for you. A simple solution, the A04-1725-051 Skuttle Comparable Humidifier Evaporator Pad by Tier1 is suited for your needs. Order today!

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Used In Brands Skuttle, Tier1, White-Rodgers
Manufacturer's Id HMF1260
UPC 638845884730
Actual Size (in) 9-8/9 inches (height) x 16-63/100 inches (width) x 1-63/100 inches (depth)
Actual Size (cm) 25.0952 x 42.2402 x 4.1402
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product

The TIER1-HMF1260 is comparable with the following part numbers

RB-SLA04-1725-051 RB-SLA04-1725051 RB-SLA04-1725 051 RB-SLA041725-051
RB-SLA041725051 RB-SLA041725 051 RB-SLA04 1725-051 RB-SLA04 1725051
RB-SLA04 1725 051 RBSLA04-1725-051 RBSLA04-1725051 RBSLA04-1725 051
RBSLA041725-051 RBSLA041725051 RBSLA041725 051 RBSLA04 1725-051
RBSLA04 1725051 RBSLA04 1725 051 RB SLA04-1725-051 RB SLA04-1725051
RB SLA04-1725 051 RB SLA041725-051 RB SLA041725051 RB SLA041725 051
RB SLA04 1725-051 RB SLA04 1725051 RB SLA04 1725 051 A04-1725-051
A04-1725051 A04-1725 051 A041725-051 A041725051
A041725 051 A04 1725-051 A04 1725051 A04 1725 051
HMF1260 TIER1-HMF1260

The TIER1-HMF1260 fits the following model numbers

2001 2002
2101 2102
HFT2700 HFT2900FP


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