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Stainless Steel Polish From Cerama Bryte (16 Oz, Model 47916)

Price $14.99 List Price Price $20.99 Save 28%
Availability: Discontinued
Safe for use on stainless steel fixtures and appliances
  • Ships fast!
  • Eliminates fingerprints, water spots and stubborn food stains
  • Keeps your appliances looking showroom quality for longer!
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Keep your stainless steel appliances clean and conditioned with this stainless steel polish offered by Cerama Bryte. Blended to effectively eliminate fingerprints, water spots and food stains, this polish will keep your appliances looking showroom quality at an affordable price. By including mineral oil as one of its ingredients, this polish will produce a deeper shine that will help to effectively repel future spots. Order the stainless steel polish from Cerama Bryte and keep your stainless steel appliances looking great for years to come! Order today!
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsCerama Bryte
Manufacturer's Id47916
MSDS Documentstainless-polish
Container Size (oz)16 oz

Reduced Contaminants

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