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RIM501 Supco Replacement Icemaker

Price $74.99 List Price Price $106.99 Save 29%
Availability: In Stock - Free Shipping
  • Kit includes: Icemaker module, wiring harness, and mounting hardware
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  • Kit includes: Icemaker module, wiring harness, and mounting hardware
Got the blues because your icemaker is down? Don't worry be happy, the RIM501 will wipe those blues away. Easy to install and reasonably priced, this replacement icemaker will soon have you singing all the way to the bank with the money you didn't give to a repairman. Compatible replacement for the following part #'s: D7824706Q, R0154025, D7824706, D7824705Q, D7824705, D7824704, D7824703, D7824702, D7824701, D7767601, 95109-1, 95098-1, 95091-1, 8170937, 68972-4, 68972-1, 68111-1, 67001263, 61005508A, 61005508, 10563708, 10563707, 10549201, 0312740, 0312739, 0312738, 0312578, 0311155, 0056606, 0056605, 0056599, R0156628, R0194462, R0194666, R0950064, 56599, 106.8114, 106.855, ECKMF-94, ECKMF-97, KIMF81, R0156629, R0156669, R0156806, R0161059, R0161061, R0167201
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Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Sub-Zero, Supco, Whirlpool
Manufacturer's Id RIM501
UPC 687152211210

The SUPCO-RIM501 is comparable with the following part numbers

56504 56599 56605 56606
311155 312578 312738 312739
312740 10549201 10563707 10563708
61005508 67001263 1110701A 1110702A
61005508A 68111-1 68972-1 95091-1
95098-1 95109-1 D7567102 D7567105
D7567105A D7621301 D7621305 D7621307
D7621310 D7767601 D7824701 D7824702
D7824703 D7824704 D7824705 D7824705Q
D7824706 IC3 IC-3 IC3H
R0154025 R0156628 R0156629 R0156669
R0161059 R0161061 R0167201 R0175023
R0183135 R0194462 R0194666 R0950064
RIM501 W10122519 W10190978 Y689724