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WF1010 Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Quick-Fitting Water Filter by Tier1

Price $23.99 List Price Price $33.99 Save 29%
Availability: In Stock
  • Provides purified Alkaline drinking water
  • Installs directly into your Reverse Osmosis system
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  • Provides purified Alkaline drinking water
  • Installs directly into your Reverse Osmosis system
The WF1010 Reverse Osmosis In-line Alkaline Filter by Tier1 is a high quality Alkaline water producing replacement filter for your Reverse Osmosis system. Reverse Osmosis filtration while excellent at filtering contaminants also filters out many healthy minerals from the water and makes the water slightly acidic. This alkaline filter will not only neutralize acidity but raise the pH of water above 7 by adding back in the natural alkaline minerals of calcium and magnesium. The 1/4” quick-connect fittings mean that this filter can be connected to any RO system with 1/4” water line for the faucet to provide healthy clean alkaline water for you and your family!

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More Information
Package Qty 1
UPC 810004474024
Advertised Size (in) 10 x 2
Actual Size (in) 10 inches (length) x 2.1 inches (Diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 254mm (length) x 53mm (Diameter)
Media Alkaline Minerals
Primary Filter Media Calcite & Magnesium Oxide
Filter Life (gallons) 800
Filter Life (liters) 3000
Filter Life (months) 12 months
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 90
Operating Temperature (°F) 34 - 120
Operating Temperature (°C) 1 - 50
Fitting Type Quick Connect
Fitting Size (inches) 1/4 inch
Reduction Class Low pH Adjustment