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Request a Free Water Test Kit

Thank you for looking to our Tier1 service solutions for testing your well and/or city tap water.

Ensuring the water used in your home or business is clean and free of contaminants is perhaps the most important health related upgrade you can make. Your personalized test results will help facilitate your decision on need for water treatment and/or type of filtration product best suited to your environment.

Choose your service:

These service options will have your city water sample professionally tested for the above list of contaminants.

Results and recommended solutions will be communicated to you through email in approximately 7 after receipt of sample. We will provide you with test sample tube & return envelope to mail us the test sample.

Did You Know ?

1. Up to 30% or more of U.S. wells test positive for crypto, giardia, or E.coli.

2. Giardia and E.coli cause 85% of child sickness and 65% of adult diseases.

3. Typical city water contaminants : Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sulphides, nitrites/nitrates, lead, copper, iron, hardness, manganese, bacteria, or total dissolved solids (TDS).