W9320007 Doulton Undersink Ceramic Candle Filter Housing

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Fits 10 inch by 2 inch short thread filter candles
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  • Fits short mount fitler candles
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The W9320007 Push-Fit Stainless Steel Inline Housing (HIS) with 0.375-inch push-fit inlet/outlet fittings makes installation easy as a stand alone system or in addition to a pre-existing filtration system. Only Doulton short mount filter candles can be used with this housing (sold separately).

Ceramic Filter Benefits

Ceramic filters use the natural small pore size of their material to filter contaminants out of your water, Doulton has combined ceramic filter methods with advanced media options like granular activated carbon and heavy metal reduction media to provide filter candles that reduce a wide range of contaminants from your water.

The Doulton Difference


Doulton has been a manufacturer and provider of quality water filters and filter systems since 1826. The company is well known for its range of gravity-fed filter systems and ceramic filter options, distributing ceramic filtration solutions to 140 countries across the globe. Using naturally-occurring raw materials in its filters Doulton actively promotes environmentally-friendly filtration options designed to provide clean drinking water to all of its users.

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Used In Brands Doulton
Manufacturer's Id W9320007
UPC 799705702189
Flow Rate (gpm) 1.33
Flow Rate (lpm) 5.03
Fitting Type Quick Connect
Fitting Size (inches) 3/8 inch
Color Stainless Steel Finish
Includes Filter Housing, Mounting Bracket, Screws

Reduced Contaminants

The DOULTON-W9320007 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Fluoride NF

The DOULTON-W9320007 is comparable with the following part numbers

DOULTON-W9320007 W9320007

User Guide


  1. The ceramic shell is designed to filter fine particles, bacteria and other contaminants from water. In doing so, the outside can eventually need cleaning evidenced by reduced water flow. When this occurs, simply remove, clean and replace the cartridge
  2. Wash your hands with filtered water
  3. Remove the ceramic cartridge according to the instructions of your particular filter housing (Handle with care. Wet cartridges are fragile!)
  4. Take a clean scouring pad, or slightly abrasive cloth, and give the ceramic a light scrub under running water. Apply gentle pressure uniformly, take care that the cleaning of the ceramic is not concentrated in one area
  5. This will remove surface particles from the water filter as well as an outer layer of ceramic, restoring and refreshing the water filter to its original water flow
  6. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the ceramic cartridge. Important: Care must be taken at all times to prevent contamination of the end of the cartridge mount from unfiltered water and/or dirty hands from cleaning the cartridge surface
  7. Do not use soap or detergents. Cleaning can be done over 50 times before replacement of the water filter cartridge will be necessary

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