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UV Replacement Sensor Viqua-254NM-C1

Price $367.00
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  • Audible and visual indicators assess condition of UV lamp
  • sensor cable with a water-tight connection
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The VIQUA-254NM-C1 is a UV intensity sensor for the VH410M system that is used to monitor the level of UV light being delivered by your system. This indicator can be used to tell if UV lamp may be dimming and in need of replacement. To ensure optimal purification of viruses make sure UV lamp is operating properly within its life cycle and that quartz sleeve is clear from films that might cloud up and lower the efficacy of the system. Assure your UV system is operating at optimum levels with the UV Replacement Sensor Viqua-254NM-C1.
Package Qty1
Manufacturer's Id254NM-C1

Reduced Contaminants

The VIQUA-254NM-C1 is comparable with the following part numbers

VH410M, VP600M, VP950M UV systems


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