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85470 Inline Water Filters Washing Machine Inline Water Filter

Price $32.99 List Price Price $47.99 Save 31%
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Fits the hot or cold water faucet and hose connected to your washing machine
  • Protects your washing machine from sediment build up on the inlet valve screen
  • Easily installs on most standard washing machine hook-ups
  • 5-stage filtration process traps 98% of solids larger than 25 microns in size
  • Filter change-outs are quick and easy
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The INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-85470 washing machine filter system prevents sediment build up that can damage your valuable appliances. This system traps the sediment in your water before it reaches the inlet valve screen so you will never have to clean the valve screen again. The INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-85470 will reduce well water sources to about 4.5 GPM. Public water sources typically experience about a 10% reduction in flow rate. Tired of heavy sediment clogging the screen on your washing machine? Order the INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-85470 today.
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Inline Water Filters
Manufacturer's Id 85470
UPC 852698001858
Actual Size (in) 3 inches (Length) x 2 inches (Width)
Actual Size (cm) 7.62 cm (Length) x 5.08 cm (Width)
Filter Life (months) 3 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 25
Maximum Temperature (°F) 320
Flow Rate (gpm) 4.5
Flow Rate (lpm) 15.14
Color White
Additional Information 1-inch female threading, 1-inch male threading

Reduced Contaminants

The INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-85470 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Solids 98.00%

The INLINE-WATER-FILTERS-85470 is comparable with the following part numbers



  1. If the water is slow due to your inlet valve being clogged from sediment, you will need to clean the screen before installing the washing machine filter
  2. See your owner's manual for cleaning instructions. The washing machine filter will eliminate future buildup on the screen
  3. Disconnect the hose from the faucet on the initial installation. Attach the filter directly to the cold or hot water faucet and attach the hose, as pictured on the package
  4. When you first install the filter or replace the cartridge, turn off the water faucets and turn on the washing machine for a minute. This drains the water out of the lines and eliminates the clean up
  5. When changing the cartridge, unscrew the middle of the filter housing, remove the old, replace with the new and screw back together. It's very easy and simple to change
  6. You can install the washing machine filter on either the hot or cold water intake
  7. There is an optional adapter hose for the washing machine water filter hook-up. Use when limited space or alignment of the filter is a problem

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