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OR-241-S Pentek O-Ring

Price $15.99 List Price Price $22.99 Save 30%
Availability: Discontinued
Fits Pentek housings #10, #12 and #20
  • Replace your O-rings after every use to prevent leaks
  • Silicone replacement O-ring
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The rubber O-ring provides the water-tight seal between the cap and the bottom of the housing. The PENTEK-OR-241-S O-ring should be lubricated with clean silicone grease and placed in the groove below the threads of the housing to prevent a water leak. O-rings do not last forever and should be replaced any time you change the filter cartridge. The OR-241-S is an inexpensive part of your filter system and helps protect you from water damage due to a leaky seal between the housing and cap.
More Information
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Pentek
Manufacturer's Id OR-241-S
UPC 051678511183
Actual Size (in) 3 7/8 inches (inside diameter) x 4 1/8 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 9.8425 x 10.4775
Inside Diameter (inches) 3.875
Outside Diameter (inches) 4.125
Country of Manufacture United States

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