The Filter You Need, When You Need It With Our No Worries Filter Subscription Program

When we say we'll get you the filter you need when you need it, we mean it!

Learn more about our No Worries Filter Subscription Program below:

Your Filters Will Ship When You Need Them - You tell us how many people are in your home and we'll estimate when you will need your next filter based on your usage. When your new filter is due, we'll ship it your way automatically and bill your order to the card you provide.

You Can Set-Up Your Own Recurring Order - No one knows your home's water and air better than you. If you've got your filter changing down to a system, share it with us, and we'll send you a new filter based on the replacement intervals you provide.

We'll Give You A Heads Up - One week before we ship your order, we'll send you a quick reminder note, including a link where you can easily change your order quantity, payment details, shipping method and more.

Updating Your Account Is Easy - Update your credit card number, billing address or filter type, all online, in just a few minutes.

Your Filters Are Free to Return - Estimating when your next filter is due is not an exact science, though we are getting closer to making it so nearly every day! If we ever send your next filter in error or before you need it, we'll happily accept it back, FREE of charge.

You Can Cancel Anytime - Need to discontinue your subscription? Just log into your account or call our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458 one week prior to your next scheduled order date - or when you receive your reminder email - to cancel at any time, no questions asked!

*Just a few Instructions, Conditions & FAQs.