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Water Total Hardness Test (3-Pack) by Tier1

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Water Total Hardness Test (3-Pack) by Tier1

Test the total hardness as Calcium Carbonate in your water. 3 test strips allows for a before and after comparison.
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Total Hardness (TH) is a measure of the total amount of calcium and magnesium that has naturally leached into your water throughout it's journey to your home. Thought not a health risk, hard water can reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, and cause an insoluable scale to form on your fixtures and pipes. In the United States, water hardness is most often measured as milligrams per liters or parts per million as calcium carbonate. This water strip test will give you a recognized level of hardness and the supposed negative effects of that level. This can help determine how to treat your water to avoid scaling pipes, and to have cleaner dishes, skin, and hair.

  • Kit comes with 3 test strips
  • High levels of hardness in an aquarium may affect the health of the fish
  • The EPA does not regulate the levels of hardness in the water supply
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Package Qty 1
UPC 641945747799
Includes 1 Instruction sheet, 3 test strips

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