Well Water Filtration Systems

Hello, Clean! Tier1 is the clean water expert, our store is built to guide you to through the journey to extraordinary water. Well water requires specific filtration to ensure undesirable tastes, odors and damaging stain-causing contaminants are eliminated at the point-of-entry.  Tier1 systems will work independently to target contaminants or pair multiple systems together to target multiple issues.

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Shop Water Softeners

Suffering from embarrassing stains, spotty dishes, crusty faucets and shower heads, and limescale buildup in tubs and showers? An overwhelming 85% of the USA has hard water, which will ruin your home pipes and appliances over time if not treated.

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Shop Ultraviolet Filatration Systems

Recurring stomach issues? Drinking water with disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or parasites (collectively called pathogens) can make you sick and cause fatigue and cramps. UV has proven to be one of the most reliable, quick, and cost-effective methods for disinfecting water. The ultraviolet light deactivates waterborne pathogens and bacteria, disinfecting your water.

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Shop Water Softener Alternatives

Address hard water symptoms without the expense, waste and hassle of traditional water softeners. Template Assisted Crystallization media (TAC) reduces scale build up to help preserve the life of your pipes and appliances while ensuring your dishes, clothes, faucets and shower heads remain clean.

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Shop Lead Reduction Systems

Concerned about lead? Even low concentrations of lead in water can cause a significant increase in blood lead levels. According to the CDC, lead exposure can affect nearly every system in a child’s body, inhibiting the development of both physical and mental abilities.

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Shop pH Neutralizing Systems

Neutral pH levels reduce corrosives, minimizes the risk of copper, lead and other metals leaching into drinking water, protecting fixtures, pipes and appliances.

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Shop Iron Reduction Systems

Seeing rust-colored stains on sinks and tubs, limescale or other buildup around drains, faucets and fixtures? One of the most obvious signs that you may have dissolved iron in your water is its “hardness.” Hard water can leave your skin feeling rough and scaly, and it may taste slightly metallic. Beyond unpleasant side effects, iron in water can cause real damage throughout your home.

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