Air Filters For York Air Cleaners

Air Filters For York Air Cleaners

Exchange old stale air for fresh clean air

Poor air quality can affect your entire home; replace your homes old stale air with clean fresh air with a York brand compatible air filter, by Tier1.  Tier1 replacement York air filters provide significantly higher filtration efficiencies because of the high quality filtration media and extended surface construction.  In addition, our York compatible air filters cost less than the brand name filters.

Swapping out your old air filter should be done regularly, but sometimes the price of the replacement air filters causes us to leave it until we’re forced to swap it out.  The beauty of Tier1 replacement York air filters is that they’re affordable for virtually everyone, making it rare that you will put off swapping out an air filter.

Unsure of what a MERV Rating is or which MERV Rating you want your York brand replacement filter to have, visit our MERV Rating Guide to learn about MERV Ratings and what MERV Rating your replacement air filter should have.  If you need additional help, visit our Air Filter Finder, or call our Minnesota-based customer service team at 1-800-277-3458.

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