Water Filters: Water Coolers

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More than just an office gathering spot, the office water cooler is an economical and convenient source of clean, healthy drinking water. Useful for staff and office guests, water coolers are a popular addition to any work setting.


Water coolers are free-standing filtration systems that give you easy access to a constant supply of purified water. They feature a built-in filter that removes unhealthy water contaminants, making clean, great tasting water.


Water coolers come in two different styles, freestanding and countertop. Freestanding filters sit on the floor and stand about 4-feet high. The countertop design is larger than a toaster, but smaller than a microwave, so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space.

You can also choose between two water supply sources: a bottle-free system that is attached to an existing standard water line or refillable gravity-fed tank. Both have a built-in filtration systems designed to provide you a steady flow purified water - some models even offer instantly cooled or heated water. The bottle-free systems are low-maintenance and offer continual access to clean water. The gravity-fed tanks can hold up to 30 gallons of water before needing to be refilled or have a new bottle inserted.


Clean and safe

Cooler filtration systems remove contaminants that can cause illness, as well as improving the taste and smell of water. Most cooler filters reduce the following contaminants:

  • 99.90% of chlorine taste and odor
  • Cryptosporidium
  • 99.99% of cysts
  • Giardia


With an unlimited supply of filtered water, your business can eliminate the expense of individual bottles of water - as well as expensive bottle delivery service. Staff time can be spent on more important things because not time will be spent managing inventory, refilling a refrigerator, shopping for cases of water bottles, or handling a delivery schedule.

Ease and Convenience

Never lift heavy bottles again. With the in-line system, you'll only have to lift a finger to get a glass of fresh, clean water. The systems also free up critical office space because you no longer need to store large water jugs or crates of bottles.


Reduce your carbon footprint by ending the use of plastic bottles and getting gas-powered truck deliveries. Gravity-fed filters even eliminate the use of electricity.


While there are a variety of cooler systems available, this one is highly rated:



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