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Choose from three distinct lines: the Everyday, the Precision, or the All-in-One.

DiscountFilterStore offers different water softener systems depending on your unique needs. Two of the three series are available in mutliple size options for a better match with your particular home or business water demands. Review the links below or give us a call to find the right system for your home.

Everyday Series

The Everyday Series Softener

Features demand-initiated regeneration, electronic control valve with automatic bypass, high capacity cation exchange resin, and a one-year warranty. The Everyday Series is built for performance and priced for value. This series is offered in 3 sizes.

Best for 1-2 bathrooms

Best for 3-4 bathrooms

Best for 5+ bathrooms

Precision Series

The Precision Series Softener

Provides even more benefits than the Everyday Series, NSF certified control valve with automatic bypass, NSF Certified fiberglass mineral tank, WQA certified cation exchange resin, plus the added power of Iron and Manganese reduction, and a 5-year warranty. Reducing Iron and Manganese from your water provides an improved smell and taste. This series is offered in 2 sizes.

Best for 1-2 bathrooms

All-in-One Series

The All-in-One Everyday Series Softener

Obsessively engineered, out All-in-One softener features a sleek, space-saving tank design. Regeneration is demand-initiated, the electronic control valve features automatic bypass, and the system arrives pre-loaded with premium cation exchange resin. The softener is backed by a one-year warranty. The All-in-One design is offered in 1 size.

Best for 1-3 bathrooms

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