Viqua UV Disinfection Systems

Viqua UV systems are an industry leader in residential and light commercial UV treatment applications around the world. Viqua systems offer powerful protection from waterborne viruses that could otherwise pose health risks to you and your family. With a variety of system sizes available, Viqua has a solution that is right for your home. Check the links below for some of our most popular Viqua water treatment systems.

Viqua VH150

Flow rate: 5gpm
Power: 32W

Viqua VH200

Flow rate: 9gpm
Power: 35W

Viqua VH410

Flow rate: 18gpm
Power: 60W

Whether you are looking to filter your water with a new ultraviolet light system, or just looking to replace your existing quartz sleeve or UV lamp, DiscountFilterStore will have the product you need. Need help choosing the right UV water treatment system or replacement parts? Give us a call at 1-800-277-3458; our experts will help you find the perfect UV water purification system and/or replacement parts for your home or business.

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